Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The story of Irena Sikorska my neighbour who passed away 3 years ago.

She was one of the many victims of nazi barbary, like those, so many, are victims of the barbary of our days.

This is  the story of my teenage years during the turmoil of world war II. My  narration starts in Eastern Poland in the summer of 1939 when I was  fourteen; it ends in Southampton England in the month of march 1948 when I was 23.

In the summer of 1939 I was 14 years old, a young girl full of life, looking ahead for the future, heedless of the dramatic events that were about to fall on Poland and the world (see my narration of my summer 1939 holiday). The second world war started on September 1. Germany invaded Poland
without any declaration of war, intent on recovering the territories  lost in 1919 at the end of world war I, and of reinstating the status  quo ante, ie. when Poland had been wiped out of the map of Europe by the third partition (see history of Poland: three partitions). The other powers that had partitioned Poland ie. Austria and Russia  were associated in the events. Austria had been annexed to Germany in  1938 (Anchluss); Russia invaded Eastern Poland on 17 sept ember 1939.
History was repeating itself a hundred and twenty five years later.... Read further.

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