Thursday, August 30, 2018

Ernest Derrick James. Un des oubliés de 39-45. Qui peut aider à retrouver son histoire?

  I am trying to piece together the history of my father, Ernest Derrick James who had the number '1075'.  I would love to know if my father is listed in your book.  Sadly he passed away ten years ago and he never gave me his story.  He was, I believe, captured in France whilst living in Lens or nearby and was held in captivity for the remainder of the war.  I have photographs that were in his possession with the stamp of Ilag VIII, with some messages on the back and am in the very early stages of trying to understand what happened.  I and have found minimal information today on the internet but have come across your book. .....
My reason for contacting you is to see whether you can guide me at all into researching my father's life, and to see whether there is a copy of your book in English.  I appreciate your time, and hope to hear from you.

Plus sur les oubliés de 39-45

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