Saturday, January 4, 2014

Journées du patrimoine: restauration de l'église Notre-Dame de Caais

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  1. This is a short video of the extraordinary restoration work currently being undertaken at the church of Notre Dame de Calais. Twinning this church with Saint Mary the Virgin, High Pavement, Lace Market, Nottingham, would in my view make a perfect marriage. Why?

    Historical links between Calais and England
    Architectural affinity – Notre Dame de Calais is the only remaining Tudor church in France. For photographs of St Mary the Virgin, click the link in the Attachments block above.
    Lace making heritage – Nottingham and Calais became the two most important centres of mechanical lace making in the world during the 19th century and first half of the 20th century, giving rise to strong links between the two towns.
    Dominique Darre, the dynamic President of the association responsible for promoting the restoration of the church has sought advice in GB, one outcome being a plan to create a Tudor rose garden in the un-built space around the church. A special rose named ‘Notre Dame de Calais’ has been created by the firm of Peter Beale’s Roses Ltd for this purpose, presented at the opening ceremony of the Chelsea Flower Show, last year.
    As a symbolic gesture of atonement for the loss of life and damage to the church caused by the RAF when the north of Calais was accidentally bombed in 1944 after its liberation by the Allies.
    I’m going to suggest to both parties that they consider twinning their churches.