Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Reginald George Rainey and Tom Sarginson internees at Ilag VIII Tost and Giromagny 1940-1945

This blog and Bill Forster's book and memories of Calais at the beginning of World War II, led to our being contacted by descendants of Reginald George Rainey (*) and Tom Sarginson (**). Rainey appears on the photo of internees at Tost Ilag8. He is first left on second row from top. The descendants are Rainey's grandson and great nephew. Sarginson appears on this photo first left of the top row. I am reproducing below freely adapted extracts of email conversations with them (italics are mine).
(*) Rainey worked for Brampton chains
(**) Sarginson worked for Courtaulds (les filés de Calais). I told his story previously in the blog thanks to his daughter Jeanne Gask. Read more...

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