Thursday, May 9, 2013

‘Wodehouse in Exile’ BBC4 broadcast on 25 March 2013; BBC response to our complaint

Here is BBC's response to our complaint; the delay is because they asked the producer Kate Triggs to formulate the response.



  1. See my appreciation sent to the BBC (click).

  2. Hello Pierre

    Kate Trigg's response to your complaint was very thoughtful, but I still maintain Wodehouse was a traitor - if perhaps only a minor one - and should have been treated as such after the war.

    I was quite wrong when I suggested the BBC might not reply to your complaint because you included a link. In fact the reply you received was of a much higher quality than the one I got - mine being largely standard non-specific 'boiler plate' statements.

    Here is my complaint and BBC's response to it:

    - My complaint
    - BBC's response

  3. An opinion on PG Wodehouse found on the internet Cliquer.

  4. Here is an interesting comment on the film "Wodehose in exil" Click.


    Confidence trickster or double Agent? And what happened to him after the war?
    I am sure he was NOT a "professor of comparative theology at Hong Kong university"!
    He seemed to have been very successful in looking after his own interests!
    I enjoyed viewing the film but it was an entertainment and not a documentary and should be judged as such. But it was not entirely successful even as entertainment.
    The Germans were mostly portrayed as humourless and rather stupid, parodies of real Germans.
    And the actors portrayal of the other internees was not very convincing.
    But I liked Wodehouse and his wife, they were done well.

  6. The making of the film:
    BBC Four Orders P.G. Wodehouse Drama ‘An Innocent Abroad’