Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A HARD FOUGHT SHIP The story of HMS Venomous

The story of HMS Venomous

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Eric Arnold Pountney
Wireless Telegraphy Operator on HMS Venomous, 1939-43

Eric Pountney was born at Harborne in Warwickshire, a few miles south of Birmingham, on the 6 August 1918 and  lived there all his life apart from his wartime service in the Royal Navy. He was the youngest of five children and his father abandoned the family shortly before he was born. When he volunteered for the Royal Navy on the 28 September 1938 during the Munich crisis "for the period of hostilities" he gave his trade as apprentice salesman (showroom assistant) and his next of kin as his mother, Dora Mary Pountney. Photographed at Londonderry in 1941 (left) and at HMS St George, Douglas, Isle of Man, in 1944.... Read...